Saltworks Luxury Home Candles

The Saltworks Company is a niche UK perfumerie offering over 60 fragrances in two ranges: the Home fragrance range and the Personal fragrance range. Our fragrances are the result of over 10 years work to create a palette of fragrances with something for every taste and every mood.  

Each fragrance collection is categorised into Spring/Summer (lighter, fresher) or Autumn Winter (richer and more complex)

We categorise every fragrance into a simplified 'family' of fruit, wood, aquatic (incl citrus), and florals. Most individuals tastes tend to be towards one particularly 'family'. Woods are the most universally popular category of Home and Personal fragrances. 

Personal Fragrance Range

The Personal Fragrance Range currently comprises seven product formats of perfume soap, lotion, body mist, candles and Eau de Parfum.s 

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