The Saltworks Company Evening Earl Grey Candle


The Saltworks Evening Earl Grey Home Candle -one our favourites!

We love Saltworks products as they evoke the most beautiful memories & emotions adding a touch of pure elengance to any room setting, inside a deep blue opaque glass holder filled 40 hours or so of hand poured soy wax handmade in Kent.Perfect for hallways & lounges

Why send flowers when you can gift this perfect candle for all year long use.

 Evening Earl Grey create a perfect warm evening aroma after a long day

  • Key notes Aquatic/Citrus
  • Black Tea,Rich Bergamot & Ginger
  • The hint of spicy ginger warms the evening air.
  • Hand poured in England
  • 15% perfume by weight
  • 20cl with approx 40 hours burning time
  • All packaging fully recyclable


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